True Love

My true love,
Tis the emblem of what is excellent
When it simply exists.
My true love,
I remember it and weep.
Tears, enough to fill an ocean,
My true love,
Running like a wolf to the sea.
I am this woman who had it all.
My true love,
It was even more than all,
And I am running like the wind.
My true love, 
Caught in this whirlwind.
Running as fast as I can,
My true love,
Trying to make my way back to you.
Running out of breath,
My true love,
Holding tightly to the truth,
As I know it.
My true love,
I am this woman who has lost all of her pride,
Running out of hope.
My true love,
Give me a sign
And give me a reason to go on.
My true love,
Running towards you,
I know I shall find you...
My true love.
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  1. pastormike

    beautiful.. may it be so..

    October 05, 2009
  2. VictoriaWV

    Thank you Pastor Mike. I was listening to a Celtic song, started thinking about whimsical ideas, love, passion, etc… and then was inspired by the video. I don’t have the gift of being bi-lingual, so I just felt the song was about a true love. LOL!

    October 05, 2009
  3. greunie

    Portuguese and Italian… beautiful video! Thank you.

    October 17, 2009
  4. VictoriaWV

    I love the video! So full of passion! It is truly purposeful in depicting the energies of true love…

    October 17, 2009