Stepping Out Of Love

Have you ever been lost in a dark and mindless place?
Have you ever been terrified to breathe, much less take a step out there, somewhere
In faith, just believing that it truly might be that way, some way a bit better for you?
Did you ever think you might miss the next step and fall into the endless pit
Of hopeless, of ever-abiding lonliness? Of being lost in the ocean without a measure
Of love to serve you while you wait for the rescue?
Did you?
Have you been so ignorant a soul as to not see what is there at your back?
Turning there to see just how far you have traveled, how high you have climbed
Out of the pit and onto being restored through the kinship of love.
Did you notice the ways of a beating heart and how it paces even when
Love is all but beholden to the other emotions flooding you now?
And still, can you believe in love and can you trust it to be true in the sense
Of being as true as it can be? Of being as real as it can be?
Can you?
And you are finished now with the remnants of what was there
Seeking to blur the memories and take away the mystery
Of that love which sought to present you with an experience
To teach others all of what you know now and all of what you
Take as souveniors, as keepsakes to always cherish
Holding onto the best of those times as an object so tangible
Yet, nothing at all that is left to truly call your own.
Have you looked at what love costs? Have you taken in what you
Desperately was searching for?
Have you seen what strengths you have gained through
What you have lost?
Have you begun to see the harbor lights on the shore?
Can you see your steps now since the fog has lifted and stars guide you
Again? Will you listen to the crying of your soul and grieve for the one
Who may not understand how they shall dig out of their own pit,
When it comes to love lost and recognizing what is done to get over it?
Will you enable them to learn how to walk in faith?
Will you teach them how to live in triumph again, after love has left?
Will you?

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  1. pastormike

    superb…. what great power! the last stanza hit home.. it’s my job..

    October 18, 2009
  2. VictoriaWV

    Thanks Pastor. I was speaking in the forum earlier about how sometimes love is elusive and just not meant to be forever… yet, the experience one gets can help them overcome their fears and help them stay full of faith. And in the learning, they can be a light to others who need some help in their ocean of sorrow.

    October 18, 2009
    1. pastormike

      so true.. I honor those who turn sorrow into helpfulness. but one who has found true love can often show the way also.. I try to use my blessedness to bless others.. my comment was prompted by a tough counseling session..

      October 19, 2009
  3. Giabug

    Beautiful, Vicki.
    I loved the line about seeing the harbor lights on the shore.
    By helping others we become those harbor lights.

    March 27, 2010