Scribbles Challenge #47: The Realization Hurts

She felt her heart pounding so hard that she feared any minute it might pound right out of her chest.  She rode her horse as fast as she could while the rain kept its relentless attack upon the whole countryside.  The road was so washed out and the mud was being kicked up so high upon her burgandy brocade dress that she had purposely pulled up trying to keep it drier.  But, she was drenched thoroughly, soaked even down to the petticoats and she was so cold . She could not stop her body from shaking and she kept wiping her face in a feeble attempt to see a bit clearer since all that wetness in her long curly locks was dripping in a steady stream right into her eyes.
She saw the porch lit with the lantern. She understood that to mean that her father was thoroughly put out with her since she had been gone so long and the evening had bidden its ado to the night. She patted the horse's chest as she pulled up on the reins and she jumped off in such a rush that she almost fell in all that slick mud which formed gulleys as the rain did its best to create a tiny river running right in front of the barn door. 

Once inside the barn, she took the saddle and the rain soaked blanket off the back of the wet horse.  She dried him feverishly as she had to hurry into the house since she was definitely going to be hearing another lecture and possibly cursing.  She smiled. 

As she stroked the horse with the dry towel, she remembered the way he looked at her as they stood together in the meadow before the sunset and before the cloudburst of all that rain.  She could not stop smiling now as she thought about all those wonderful words of affirmation he had made unto her.  She smiled a secret smile now since she could not speak about the event of falling in love to her father. It was just too sacred to mention what her heart was doing there underneath her burgandy velveteen bodice. 

She was lost in thought when she heard her father calling her, "I have supper cold sitting upon the Stove. Get your Size Seven feet in this house right now or you will be on the next boat out of here to Brazil. It is 9:20 P.M. and that is most inappropiate for any young reputable lady to be out so late!"
She was still grinning so big as she raced up to the house.  She did not even notice that her hair ribbons were drooping down and her face was all smudged with dirt from the ride home.  She felt her cheeks since she was aware that they were beginning to hurt from all that smiling.  And she assumed that her father would be terribly concerned about all of the stars she was seeing in her deep azure eyes, all of the giddiness that she was doing such a terrible job at hiding.  She rushed into the foyer and she smelled his famous Antipasti which he was passionate in creating just for her. 

"Arlena", he called out to her, "the cotton crop brought in $287.90. Jebb Peterson, with his, horse ranch and magnificent brood of good horses, has the Tennessee Walking Horse for sale and I was thinking of buying it for you. But, look at you! You are filthy and your brocade dress looks as though it has been inside a mineshaft  upon the Ridgeline!  You look like you have been under a cliff  in a mudslide.  And what is all that grinning about?  Come now, girl! Do tell...

"You have the look of your mother when I first laid eyes upon her.  She was that vision I had always dreamed of and when I saw her the first time, it was love... just like how you are looking right this minute.  So, is Daniel McDougal the luckiest fellow on earth or is it Josiah Redd? I think you should wash all of the dried and caked mud there off every portion of yourself and then we need to spend some time here as I try to do you justice as father and mother.  How I wish Leona were here to help me as I feel terribly inadequate this day.  Alas, my wife and your mother is looking down from heaven and I do swear I think I feel her smiling as well."

He wiped a tear as he smiled back at the dirty, beautiful, love struck daughter.  He knew his little girl was somehow a lovely woman in this instant, in the quickening of an afternoon, she found another side of love, besides that of her father.  He felt it harder than he thought he would. She was grown up and soon she would be leaving... as he watched her walking away from him... making her way to take her bath. 

He let out a sigh and yelled, "I love you, Arlena! I am going to check on your horse...  Bed him down for you, my daughter."
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  1. Olla

    A great story. I was suprised to find another Arlena in the world…I know one too.

    October 05, 2009
  2. funfreak

    Lovely, sweet story…Great period piece!

    October 05, 2009
  3. VictoriaWV

    I was named for her… Victoria Arlen’e’… Thanks for the comment! I love these assignments. I really love to read you and the others. If you have any suggestions to help me write well, please leave a comment here.

    October 05, 2009
  4. VictoriaWV

    Thanks so much FunFreak. I should have been born in the 19th century… LOL!

    October 05, 2009
  5. pastormike

    don’t happen to write historical romances for Harlequin, do you? you should.. nice Job!

    October 06, 2009
  6. Wheresmycoffee

    You, dear Lady, have such talent! Wonderful story!

    October 06, 2009
  7. VictoriaWV

    I am squealing here! LOL! I appreciate your kind words. My writing is not so dramatic and it certainly doesn’t have all that flair like the rest of yous. But, I enjoy the ‘act’ of expressing a thought here. Bless you, Pastor… nooooooo…. I do not write except here. And thank you dear Mike, for your kindness and compliment. You are a fabulous man. I hope to be as good as you someday.

    October 06, 2009
  8. VictoriaWV

    Thanks so much for your kind reply. I am so glad you liked it.

    October 06, 2009