I am sorry

This format of thoughts.com is totally confusing.  I want to post in the Writers Blog but I cannot.  When I add any post it is directed to general discussion. 


The photo icon icon on my profile cannot be changed even though I follow the prompt. 


I am sorry because I know this will be directed onto the general discussion wall rather than in a tech help section.  

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Comments (3)


    Your out of luck with the photos. As far as I know you can only post to general discussion anymore. Ben (the site owner) said he was switching the site to a WordPress format but that was a couple of months ago and the site is still in limbo.

    June 27, 2017
  2. singhamit

    I faced the same problem. this site is great, I don’t understand why it’s not being maintained properly

    June 28, 2017
  3. Aguila
    Is this Vickie from the Old School of ``Thoughts```` Reason I ask is can there be more than one " Vickie WV ? " Wow it’s been how many years since I read the other ? or this Vickie ? Well any who.. I’m still lost after Ben switched to the New Beta Powered Blog Site… I loved the old``` forums``` Guess being an old dog and all…

    June 29, 2017