Feng Shui of the Mind

I have been reading Feng Shui and How to Get Organized. I read about the Feng Shui tips for the home and thought it would be interesting to take it a bit further to include the concept of using the age old practical Chinese philosophy in organizing my thinking here. I have been more stressed here lately with a job that is just terribly oppressing, I have been suffering more with insomnia, and I have been mostly negative in my frame of mind for the past couple of months. I truly find my thoughts mostly down and out vs. upbeat and positive. As for my friends here, they KNOW that this is just not like me. I am never a cynical person, I am never combative, and I certainly am never one to focus upon negatives. And, the stress seems very extrinsic and effectual, but it still wears my mind down lately. So I thought, FENG SHUI my head! First I need to consider where all of the those entry ways are that need the intricate ba-gua right there on the pheriphery of the entries. For there is where the first line of defense is. There is where I begin to get overwhelmed in the first place and where the stinking thinking gains its foothold. So, I shall de-clutter the entries... here is where I shall gather up the things that bring all that negative energy and vibes into my mindset. I will 'hang' out the negatives to dry up there and bring into their place the vibrancy of balance, peace and joy. As if I can call upon my mind's recesses to fill the spaces with loveliness as I 'dust' off the positives and go on to place them in their rightful place of prominence. Now the entry ways are less congested... I shall focus upon the inner most folds and the place where the clutter accumulates deeper. I use deep cleansing ideas and stronger convictions as I can appreciate the "Fu Dog" realm of self protection and preservation. I make up my mind to be on 'guard' and vigilant in watching over the thoughts and cognitions which are in need of protection, while the "Fu Dog" will ward off the negatives and keep cynicism at bay. There will be the noticable caring I am undertaking, as I accept my own responsibility in all of the cluttering dispicable thinking, and there is where I will start the chore of making the best of what I have here... the "Fu Dog" will be my own lover of my soul as well. I shall bring the baggage out... there will be the suitcases that I will hoist and tug and pull. I will use whatever courage and strength I can muster as I make it a priority to throw out all of the excessive baggage and de-clutter my synapses that even reach to the heartstrings. I shall throw out the bad and the discard what is already wilting and old and vulnerable. I will bring in the loftier and lighter thoughts. The thinking that seems alive and full of wellspring of personal growth. The thoughts will resemble the bonsai and the waterfall... both signifying hope, better days ahead, and good, enriching thinking. My eyes will be clear, as someone might even see into the crevices of this heart... through discerning that I am endeavoring to change the thoughts and open the windows to bring further enlightenment. The mind will follow suit and it shall be opened to consider all of the things once hidden amidst the painful and redundant clutter. What I want to be rid of is the cramped thinking that stress carries with it. I want to de-stress as I subtract the obstinant restricting obstacles from my entire being. I want the fragrance of joy and faith and contentment likened to violets and orchids and roses, lilacs and magnolias; to refresh whatever might be rancid and spoiled. I will think upon the good things, the blessings, and the hope. They will mirror my personal desire to feeling the burdens I have been weighed down with, so many burdens, needing to be cast off and far away from my mind and my heavy heartedness. So, Feng Shui will be the chore at hand as I come to myself and accept my duty in shedding the stress and getting rid of the baggage, cleaning out the clutter... restoring a mindset of true balance, good sense, strong will, and passion in understanding what all that clutter can do to bog down a mind so. I was thinking tonight.;)

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