Feeling Better than Good

Have you had a day recently when you feel even better than good?  When you feel extremely happy, contented, and peaceable? I feel this right this minute.  I cannot isolate what is significant or what the factors are in making me feel most excellent in my own mood, relaxed, totally de-stressed... But, I am acknowledging the serenity, the joy, and the bliss. 

I do not want for a single thing tonight.  I feel my world is right... the universe is in perfect union with me and my spirit.  I speak in words that affirm it even more.  I am totally alone, solitary, and very empowered in knowing that I am not the least bit lonely, the least bit concerned about total oneness here, nor am I doubting whether or not this sublime state will last forever or for tonight. I am just happy in knowing that I am truly happy and am not taking it for granted for however long this lasts.

I am all I can be right this minute... that is so grand to know.  I am conscious of this good vibration... great sensation. I am so assured that my life is the best it can be as I count all of my blessings.  
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  1. greunie

    This was great! That is the best when for a moment or two, maybe an afternoon, if we’re lucky a day, we feel this bliss. Being grateful, the ticket to nirvana.

    October 17, 2009
  2. VictoriaWV

    Yeah, I live in an attitude of gratitude… LOL! Thanks for the positive reinforcement…

    October 17, 2009