Devils and Grace

I know something about losing and waiting and holding too tight
To the shifting sands.
I know something about watching the sky bring on the storms and about time
Standing way too still.
I know something about longing and hoping and praying while
Trying to bartar with the Devils and Grace.

I know something about loving you forever, wanting you so much and that
It will never be.
I know something about the sorrow there and the intense chasm left by such
A gift spoiled and gone bad.
I know something about rhinestones, old and faded, no longer able to catch the light;
Being dark and lackluster caught up between Devils and Grace.

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  1. pastormike good. beautiful metaphors..

    November 03, 2009
  2. VictoriaWV

    Thanks Pastor… I appreciate you saying so.

    November 03, 2009
  3. Maldoror

    Sweety, I always somehow think that you are writing about me; that’s the mark of a talented writer! The feeling of being handcuffed, emotionally, is one of the most debilitating positions to be in. I’ve been in an emotional holding pattern for years now, patiently waiting. Waiting and hoping can become restrictive forces, indeed.

    November 04, 2009
  4. VictoriaWV

    I feel the same way when I read you… I guess we are kindred spirits…

    November 04, 2009
  5. roe

    I know something, Im so glad you joined thoughts!
    This was beautiful.

    November 04, 2009
  6. VictoriaWV

    Thanks so much! I appreciate you and you are a great influence on me.

    November 04, 2009
  7. Giabug

    Very profound, Vicki.
    I know I’m glad I met you!

    March 27, 2010